“I’m the kind of trouble that you enjoy…”

Ed Sheeran’s Perfect is mediocre. Good I heard this new single, You’re the Best Thing About Me, from U2. Listenable pop, catchy rock. “I’m the kind of trouble that you enjoy…” and the video is cool.

“Thete’s no risky thing for a man determined to fall.” Cool lyrics


Space Rock

UFO’s second album, Flying. A 1971 hard rock classic. I remember the Grateful Dead, in the band’s concerts in the 1970s up to Jerry Garcia’s death, used to have an extended instrumental jam called Space. This is very much like this album. Flying, the fifth and title track, clocks in 26 minutes and 39 seconds. Which is almost the full concert of The Beatles in the mid-1960s.

Listening to the full album is relaxing. It’s not as heavy as the Rush or Dream Theater on the progrock side, or Led Zeppelin in the heavy metal realm, almost pop rock but not quite. Accessible. ChrisGoesRock rightfully describes it as great 2nd album of the band.

Wiki: This album is distinctive for its title track, which was among the longest tracks recorded in rock music up to that point and easily the longest song the band ever recorded. The track finishes with a backmasked reading from Rudyard Kipling‘s Gunga Din: “Tho’ I’ve belted you an’ flayed you, By the livin’ God that made you, You’re a better man than I am, Gunga Din!” and a slowed phrase “Yes we know, it’s all been done before before before”.

The album was reissued on the Flying, The Early Years compilation, along with all of the band’s other pre-Schenker work.

Daylight Again ~ Crosby Stills & Nash

By this I am reminded of the classic book Bury Me on Wounded Knee and that one by Felix Greene, which quoted this: 

“Behind the success of America lie millions of crimes against the Indians.”

Daylight again

Following me to bed
I think about a hundred years ago
How my fathers bled

I think I see a valley
Covered with bones in blue
All the brave soldiers that cannot get older
Been asking after you

Hear the past a-calling
From Armageddon’s side
When everyone’s talking and no one is listening
How can we decide

Do we find the cost of freedom
Buried in the ground
Mother Earth will swallow you
Lay your body down

CSN @Westwood One, Part 2

Breakfast of junk food is over. And everybody had his fill.

These Empty Days by Graham Nash, my favorite among the three or four if we include Neil Young to make it CSNY.

It was new then and first performed live. Got a warm reception from the audience. Now David is back with Almost Cut My Hair; always feel this is a heavy rocking one, especially vocals-wise.

All the clips here are taken from other concerts the three had. Or studio cuts. This was an acoustic version of the song and so his voice all the more stands out. Stephen Stills with the classic For What It’s Worth from his Buffalo Springfield days with Neil Young sans Crosby and Nash back in 1968.

This song is like What’s Going On by Marvin Gaye, a period protest song yet timeless.
Wooden Ships and Suite: Judy Blue Eyes. Then another protest action performance staple, Teach Your Children. This approximates Dylan’s classic Times They Are A-Changin’. 

Now for encore, Our House and Daylight Again.