John arranged this for Ringo. Another great John cover. Just love this.

Wiki: In 1974, Ringo Starr covered this song (b/w “Call Me”) for his album Goodnight Vienna at the suggestion of John Lennon. This version was released as a single on 11 November in the US,[nb 1][6] and it became a number six hit on the US Billboard Hot 100 and reached number one on the easy listening chart in early 1975.[7] It was released in UK on 15 November.[nb 2][8] Lennon plays acoustic guitar on the track, and recorded a guide vocal which was kept by producer Richard Perry. Ringo did the spoken recitation on the repeat of the first half of the song. Ringo’s version was in a 2/44 compared to the Platters version of the song.6 Harry Nilsson sings harmony vocals and appears with Starr in the amusing music video filmed on top of the Capitol Records building in Los Angeles. Lennon’s vocal version appears on his Anthology box set, in 1998.


John Lennon The Final Interview BBC Radio 1 December 6th 1980

Around this time in America 36 years ago, John Lennon and Yoko Ono gave this interview to Andy Peebles of BBC Radio 1. John would be dead in two days.

A month ago, tempo20151 said “When you listen this interview, do you feel as if John is still a live? I have the impression he is always alive.,” to which Chris Walker just yesterday replied, “he will always live forever through his music.”

James Broyles7 months ago posted: His death is one of the greatest tragedies of all time •He was a Beatle-Take that away•He was an amazing musician and writer-Take that away•He was a man of peace and love-Take that away•He was a father-Take that away•He was a husband -Take that away•He was a kind man with a big heart something the world has so few of.